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happy holidays and gentle reminders
yamada x nomiya
ori0n wrote in sgselltrade
1. you're NOT supposed to bug mods at their personal journals

it has been enshrined in the rules, and that includes NOT sending them private messages on the livejournal notification system. i myself have received at least two messages from newcomers, and i will be ignoring them. the next time any of the mods receive sgst related enquiries through private channels, the offender will be banned.

if you don't bother to read mod posts or rules, don't bother about joining this community. nuff said.

2. registration status and emailing sgst

please don't bug us about the status of your registration as the registration mods really have their hands full trying to catch up with existing applications that can date months back. when it's done, she'll get back to you. if you waited more than 2 months, then send a nice short note to sgst.reg in enquiry. all kancheong queens can be prepared to wait even longer for posting access.

****sending your details to sgselltrade@gmail DOES NOT expedite your registration process. and please don't try registering if you haven't got your feedback link.

for emails, if you didn't get a delivery failed message from your postmaster/mailer-daemon, it means your mail is sitting in our inboxes. this season is a busy season for all of us and we are really sorry for all late replies.

USERNAMES!!! omg. we're not psychic so please include it in your email. don't email us "mods! i can't post!!!!! teh sky iz fallyin!" cos by the time we're able to get your username to check what was wrong, the sky would have fallen.

all emails/comments enquiring on the status of their application will be ignored.

on the behalf of the sgst team, we wish all members a merry christmas and a happy new year.

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heys can i please ask a very important question? applications after nov 20 will all be deleted, so it means that mine (which is sent on nov 26) is already deleted, and will never be processed? if its so, will i be able to send the application again on a later date?

hi mod
im checking this info on behalf of a new friend

is the registration for new members open?


dear mods,
this seller edited the privacy of her post to public.

please take action accordingly.

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