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gentle reminders
yamada x nomiya
ori0n wrote in sgselltrade
consider yourself lucky if we didnt smack you with a suspension. next time, i promise a full out (temporary) ban for all who indicate they don't bother reading mod posts.

read the updates. the next person who dares pop this question, i keel her ded. you ain't helping with the whole "just curious" queries, you're just giving us some extra work because we have to answer an unnecessary e-mail when we have disputes and suspension lift emails to see to. save your energy. wait it out, or start working on your reading comprehension.

registrations wise, if you sent in your registration in this year (as in 2008), please hold on. registration mod's busy. regarding those who were promised posting access in 2007 but haven't gotten it, please reply to this thread and i'll consolidate the list for our overworked reg mod.

picture (note: singular, not plural) outside lj cut bigger than 320x320? more than one photo outside lj cut? forgetting your fb link? if we accidentally let it through, good for you, double check that all that you missed out is quickly fixed before we single out your post for the suspension list.

also, check that your post security is still friends only, and that your post was not accidentally set to some future date. otherwise, you will be slapped with a suspension too. don't tell me it's unfair since it's the mod's mistake or what have you. i don't think babysitting your posts was in the contract when they volunteered to be mods.

tl;dr: take some time to read up the mod posts (the relevant ones have been linked), don't do stupid things in your posts like flout the rules. and we're not gahmen, so don't make us spoonfeed you so much and take a little more responsibility for yourself.

thanks for reading. have a nice day.

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Hi, my selling access got taken away last year due to a mistake made by one of the mods; she promised me access again last year but I haven't got it back. Could I please get it back already? My username is still on the most updated list of registered sellers. Thanks so much! (:



can you try resubmitting your application update to sgst.reg? thanks. the mod may have missed your application.

Application as in explaining the situation or all the details all over again? Cuz my details has been accepted previously and access granted but due to the error my access was taken away.

Thanks so much! (:

explaining the situation would be most helpful since i do think we have your records lying somewhere inside the database.

I emailed my application last Nov, but didn't get any reply. Should I send my particulars again? Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
Hi, I really think you should email these confidential details to us instead.

oops.sorry i didnt realise i have revealed my numbers.
thank you:D

post deleted. that was very dangerous, leaving your details all around for everyone on the internet to see.

oh what about those little miss whatever shirts that are sold at far east? theres alot of fakes.

at this point, i don't think i'll consider it as branded... by branded i think we're talking big names like chanel and lv. at least that was how i interpreted the rules.

I submitted in Oct07 and have been promised access since Jan 13 :)

I submitted on Oct 07 and was told to be given posting access on nov. Till then, i haven gotten it yet. =)

Thanks for the hard work!

Hello mods,
I was previously an approved seller on SGST, but after the new rules & regulations (of I/C and bank statement etc), my posting rights were removed.
On three occasions, I sent in the additional documents that are required, but I still have not regained posting access.
Can help me look into it?

Thank you very much!


my registration process was interrupted last year 21/9/2007.
the last email i got by sgst was


Please include documentation to verify your address; the back of your
I/C or a official letter heading such as a bill from Singtel will

i have sent those documents required but have not receive any response since 2007. im not sure if i shld send all my details again in case i violate the rules.

could you pls advise? thanks.

hi same qns as the above.

i resubmitted my details after the requirement was stated.. but have received no response. may i have some affirmation or sorts? thanks

hi mods, i used to be able to post on sgselltrade but my posting access was lifted when more details of sellers were required.

since i have an sgstfeedback link, i re-registered in 2007 but up till now, i have not received any mails from the mods regarding my registration status. please help and advice if i should submit again? thank you so much.

Hello Mod, I've sent in my registeration around October 2007. In the first email, I missed out my attachments. I replied and attached pictures to verify my bank account and identity. Since then, I haven't got any replies. Please advice if you need me to resubmit the registration again. Thanks for all the effort put in in sgst! :) Thank you!

I've e-mailed sgst.reg every month regarding my selling access but haven't gotten a single month! Has been 6 whole months or more already. I sent in my relevant info last year in 07. Please please do something about it. I know the mods are very busy but i waited long enough!

Hi mod, I've submitted my new seller registration on 20th december 2007. I still have that email with me if you need any information. Sorry for the trouble and thanks so much for helping out!! :)

hi! my posting access was just recently removed, like last week. im pretty certain i did not get suspended for a repost (since my last post was a new item never posted before), nor for flouting the rules (my post was well within the guidelines of the comm). also, i have more than 400+ feedback so im not sure if i still have to re-submit my details/registration for the latest round of seller registration. please resolve this asap, thank you!

forward to sgst email please. commenting on mod posts doesn't get anything done cos i'll delete comment notifications.

hello :)

i have a shared lj account (fishtankheads) with my cousin and our posting access got removed somewhere in early 2008. we have no idea why, or until when. can we have some word from the mods about it? we will of course duly accept punishment if we have flouted any rules but we're really unsure!

thanks in advance for taking time to read + reply! :)

hey mods,

i was suspended on the 20th April for 2 weeks for reposting the same item.

Today is the 5th May, possible to lift my suspension asap please! :)

Thank you.

(this was the email i sent to on the 5th may)

no reply, so i forwarded the email to on the 19th May saying this :

Hi mods,

i know u guys are busy maintaining, but you guys didnt reply my email or lift my ban and it has been quite long :)

would appreciate if u guys could do it soon as i have stuff to post and sell :)

thanks so so so much.

Today is the 5/6/06! please mods, please lift my suspension ban. i know u guys are busy, but please try to do it asap k! cause its really like long already.

with love,

hi there mods, i accidentally just posted to the wrong community, which explains my more than 1 pic outside lj cut in a post. wanted to repost to explain, but moderation queue is full. really sorry about it! will double check next time!

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