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Short and (not so) gentle reminders
yamada x nomiya
ori0n wrote in sgselltrade
1) Public shaming...
is not allowed. Not. At. All. We'll update the sgst rules soon to reflect this loud and clear. Meanwhile, you've been warned. All repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

sgstfeedback exists for a reason and one of the reasons is to consolidate all the negative feedback into one place so that we don't have repeated "Hall of Shame" posts all over sgst. Please understand that and do not circumvent the rules with excuses such as "it's not shaming, it's just stating facts."

2) Lifting of suspensions...
will take some time because my Internet connection is sucky and I am really really busy. I apologise for the inconvenience caused and would appreciate if you do not send me 12334329 emails demanding for a suspension lift. If you think I overlooked your e-mail, kindly send one fresh e-mail with "REMOVE SUSPENSION PLEASE!" in the subject line and your username and I promise I'll get around to it as soon as possible.

For dispute cases, I'm sorry we cannot get to you sooner, but please keep us updated if the dispute has been resolved so that we know to archive your complaint.

Happy Chinese New Year
on the behalf of the SGST Mod team.

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does stating on your sgst post that "person A, person B and person C, please do not comment" constitute as public shaming?

It is not overtly public shaming, but we do not approve of these kind of comments in the sales post. You have the right to reject dealing with people on sgst so there is no need to explicitly state such things on your post.

What exactly defines public shaming?? Like agreeing in comments that buyer A was a dead buyer etc is it?

Means you single users out on your post for comment, particularly negative. The point of a sales post is to sell things and not talk about person A, B and C.

is this (as shown in picture) in anyway considered as public shamming?

yes. crymeajustin is from the sgst team isnt she? my post was rejected once cuz i had written something like hers.

yes i think she is. can another mod give some comments on this?


Thanks for notifying us on this. It is not allowed at all, not even for mods. Do feel free to notify us if you catch such things again in future. Thank you.

I've already notified her. I believe she should take it down soon. Thank you.

(Deleted comment) just submit a new post that's free of flaws.

to edit the post... just go to the page... and click the icon in the middle blue bar just below the timestamp (that looks like a pencil) and edit the entry then save. tadaa.

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