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Reminders, yet again.
undieundies wrote in sgselltrade
1) One last and final reminder (warning), I will not tolerate users who send in their registrations countless times to me. Your application will be processed latest, in a month from the date you have sent it in. Do not send me your registration every single day, be patient. Such users will not be tolerated and I will click the "delete" button immediately.

2) Applicants who do not send in correct and full (with all required fields) for their registration to SGST will be ignored. And I really mean ignored. I will not bother to even reply you since you cannot even able to read such simple and clear instructions.

3) Do not fill in your address with merely your postal code. I want your FULL address.

4) Check your registration with the required fields available before sending it in to me please.

Thank you and have a great day!


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hi there, sorry to bother you, but i've sent in my registrations twice at least... one was super long ago, 19 dec 07 and i stil didn't get any access.. so i sent in one on 3 feb 09, but there stil isn't any news.. since u said a month, i'm thinking that is there a possibility mine got lost or transferred to junk? hope you can check.

hi, maybe you'd like to send in your application again? :)

Hi there,

I have sent an application on Mar 17 and I also had received an email from the mod saying that the next application would be April 16. However, I'm not granted posting access till now. I've read about sending repeated application,hence I didn't do it. Is there any problems with my application? I really hope that you could help me check it out. Thanks alot.:)

hey, maybe you'd like to send in your application again? :)

Hey again..I've sent in the application. Hopefully it's right!:)

Thanks again!:)

Hey, i sent in my application on Dec1 & got a reply saying the next registration processing date would be during the 1st week of november.

Quite confused here. May I know when's the next processing date? :)

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