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ambarvalia wrote in sgselltrade

1. We need new mods to help us moderate posts!

If you would like to volunteer, please email us at DO NOTE that you need to have at least 100 positive feedback and 0 negative feedback in order to qualify!

2. Everyone gets posting access unless you've been suspended or banned.

We will still be moderating posts to make sure that the posts conform to our community rules.

3. We will no longer resolve disputes between buyers and sellers.

Please make purchases at your own risk. If you don't trust the seller, insist on a meet-up so that you can check the item before you pay.

We now have more than 12,000 members in the community. If we need to spend time resolving disputes, we have less time to moderate posts and lift suspensions, which means that new sales posts don't go through!

4. To keep this mod post on top, no posts will be approved until 10am tomorrow (2 April 2009) (except posts submitted by members with unmoderated posting access).

5. Love flea markets? Head down to iheartflea! We're back and better than before!

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Will you be updating the new seller's registration soon? :)

Sellers no longer need to register with their information: "2. Everyone gets posting access unless you've been suspended or banned."

Hi, I've a fblink (here) but no access.
Are you still going through the list or only people who ask for it will get posting access?


Hmmm what about if i'm new to this community and i've submitted an application to post.
but have not been reviewed yet? (expected review date is 16 april)

Will get back to you on this.

Do you already have a feedback link?

good to hear iheartflea is back in action! :)

hello mods,
i knew you guys no longer solve disputes but i need some advice.
if a seller is selling something on behalf of a friend but the friend is mia, is it the registered seller's responsibility to refund me as the dress i bought isn't what she posted on her selling post?

Yes, if she is selling on behalf of her friend, she bears some responsibility in making sure her friend delivers. Hope your dispute is resolved soon.

what can i do if the friend isnt replying our emails? :( sorry to be bothering you but i'm really at a loss of what to do.. would really appreciate any form of help you can render.

2. Everyone gets posting access unless you've been suspended or banned.

May I know when this will be implemented?

Thanks mods! <3

As soon as we get down to it. 12,000 members leh.

Woahwoah, so saying that everyone gets posting access means anyone can post now?

What abt the feedback system?

meaning i still have to register with sgselltrade feedback before i get posting access? (: cannot use personal feedback right?


Since everyone can post now, if I don't have the option to post, does it mean that I'm suspended?

Because if I am, I didnt know I was! Haha

hmm, i don't have the option to post either. haha.
but my application is pending review during early april.

Hmms. I don't know what the new policy changes are! Haha. seems like not everyone can post yet?

hey mods sorry im kinda confused but is the sgst flea tomorrow or this saturday?

since everyone can post now, do i still hve to submit the registration particulars?
i have sgstfb link.

hi mod,
i'm also very puzzled! i have received my fb link but i still do not have posting access. i've also email u my application to be seller, w all my information inside, but no reply.

n like all other queries above, do we still need to register since u mentioned everyone will be given posting access? but then, i registered, also din not receive any reply from e mods. :)

hope u can reply to our queries soon! thanks!


may i know when will i receive my posting access?

i've already emailed you guys.

thanks! can't wait to start selling!

Hi there mods,

my suspension was supposed to be lifted on the 13th of april. but i have not gotten any access to post on sgst up till now. may i know why? =\

hi mods, sorry i don't know how to get in touch with you guys hence my post here.i am wondering why is it that whenever i post my sales entry now i do not get the mail saying that it has been either accepted/rejected? thanks for taking time to can mail me at

hello mods, i'd like to know why i havent got my posting access back yet. =\


I'm not very familiar with this. How to i g about being a registered member and post stuff on this page.?

hi guys,

im not sure how to contact any of the mods, but i really hope that someone can help here. i've never been banned/suspended and im pretty sure abt that. been here earlier in 2007 and since the system changed and required us to send in our scanned ic n bank acct details, (which i very quickly did) but had since not recieved a word abt my registration. was asked to re-send a few times but still nothing over the past few years. just realised that everyone gets posting access now, but i still cant post. please can anyone check for me whats wrong? i do have sgstfb too. would really appreciate it..

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