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SGSELLTRADE: Online Shopping in Singapore


Message of the Day
♥ 9/3/09 [New Registered Sellers List]

♥ IC Registration [Read more]

For all future flea market updates, add iheartflea to your watchlist!

Join runwaycity, our sister community [Read more]

MOD POST - Changes in the Community
Dear all,

There have been a few minor changes in the community.Collapse )

Rent a Stall at the Art&Vintage Flea Market!

The Art & Vintage Flea Market is a 2-day flea market on 2 and 3 May offering an eclectic mix of art, second hand/vintage wares and handmade accessories / trinkets.

Organized by iheartflea in support of Post Museum, "an independent cultural and social space which seeks to examine contemporary life, promote the arts and connect people", and the Soup Kitchen project by Food #03, an initiative that provides food to the poor in the Little India vicinity every Monday evening.

GOHD books
Post Museum
Food #03

We're looking for stallholders who are selling the following:

1. Art (Photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings etc.)
2. Very old second-hand items
3. Vintage items
4. Handmade jewellery and accessories

To rent a stall, email iheartflea@gmail.com for pricing information!

For more information on stalls: CLICK HERE
RSVP at our Facebook event: CLICK HERE
Join our Facebook group! CLICK HERE

Rent a Stall at the Art&Vintage Flea Market!

The Art & Vintage Flea Market is a 2-day flea market on 2 and 3 May offering an eclectic mix of art, second hand/vintage wares and handmade accessories / trinkets.

Organized by iheartflea in support of Post Museum, "an independent cultural and social space which seeks to examine contemporary life, promote the arts and connect people", and the Soup Kitchen project by Food #03, an initiative that provides food to the poor in the Little India vicinity every Monday evening.

GOHD books
Post Museum
Food #03

We're looking for stallholders who are selling the following:

1. Art (Photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings etc.)
2. Very old second-hand items
3. Vintage items
4. Handmade jewellery and accessories

To rent a stall, email iheartflea@gmail.com for pricing information!

For more information on stalls: CLICK HERE
RSVP at our Facebook event: CLICK HERE
Join our Facebook group! CLICK HERE


1. We need new mods to help us moderate posts!

If you would like to volunteer, please email us at sgselltrade@gmail.com. DO NOTE that you need to have at least 100 positive feedback and 0 negative feedback in order to qualify!

2. Everyone gets posting access unless you've been suspended or banned.

We will still be moderating posts to make sure that the posts conform to our community rules.

3. We will no longer resolve disputes between buyers and sellers.

Please make purchases at your own risk. If you don't trust the seller, insist on a meet-up so that you can check the item before you pay.

We now have more than 12,000 members in the community. If we need to spend time resolving disputes, we have less time to moderate posts and lift suspensions, which means that new sales posts don't go through!

4. To keep this mod post on top, no posts will be approved until 10am tomorrow (2 April 2009) (except posts submitted by members with unmoderated posting access).

5. Love flea markets? Head down to iheartflea! We're back and better than before!

Reminders, yet again.
1) One last and final reminder (warning), I will not tolerate users who send in their registrations countless times to me. Your application will be processed latest, in a month from the date you have sent it in. Do not send me your registration every single day, be patient. Such users will not be tolerated and I will click the "delete" button immediately.

2) Applicants who do not send in correct and full (with all required fields) for their registration to SGST will be ignored. And I really mean ignored. I will not bother to even reply you since you cannot even able to read such simple and clear instructions.

3) Do not fill in your address with merely your postal code. I want your FULL address.

4) Check your registration with the required fields available http://community.livejournal.com/sgselltrade/19981231.html before sending it in to me please.

Thank you and have a great day!


Short and (not so) gentle reminders
1) Public shaming...
is not allowed. Not. At. All. We'll update the sgst rules soon to reflect this loud and clear. Meanwhile, you've been warned. All repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

sgstfeedback exists for a reason and one of the reasons is to consolidate all the negative feedback into one place so that we don't have repeated "Hall of Shame" posts all over sgst. Please understand that and do not circumvent the rules with excuses such as "it's not shaming, it's just stating facts."

2) Lifting of suspensions...
will take some time because my Internet connection is sucky and I am really really busy. I apologise for the inconvenience caused and would appreciate if you do not send me 12334329 emails demanding for a suspension lift. If you think I overlooked your e-mail, kindly send one fresh e-mail with "REMOVE SUSPENSION PLEASE!" in the subject line and your username and I promise I'll get around to it as soon as possible.

For dispute cases, I'm sorry we cannot get to you sooner, but please keep us updated if the dispute has been resolved so that we know to archive your complaint.

Happy Chinese New Year
on the behalf of the SGST Mod team.


Hello members of SGST :),

I just took over the place of the previous registration mod and have started collating and updating the database. However, during this period, I have encountered several problems and irritations and wish to voice it out here.

1) Do not register when you do not have your sgselltrade feedback link. Sgstfb is still closed; I will only accept those who have their sgstfb links. Personal feedback links are also not accepted. I will DELETE the email the moment I see it.

2) Do not send multiple registrations. Just because we have not acknowledged your registration does not mean that we did not receive it. There are hundreds of registrations to be processed; you are not the only one. Please be patient and more understanding.

3) All the required information needed for registration is available here: http://community.livejournal.com/sgselltrade/19981231.html. Should your registration have any missing or incomplete fields, I will not hesitate to delete the email.

4) Please send in pictures or scans of readable data, there have been many who have sent in pictures or scans of ICs/bank books that I have to squint my eyes just to check them. I will ignore emails with small (only ants able to read) pictures or scans should I see any more of them.

5) Please be patient if you do not get posting access within 3 weeks. Our moderators have lives. They do not sit at the computer all day waiting on you.

Other than all above, I’m really grateful to all who have sent in complete registration to make my life easier :)
I will be updating the registered sellers list soon, do check it out once it’s up!
Should you have further queries, please comment here.

Thank you and have a great day!


gentle reminders
consider yourself lucky if we didnt smack you with a suspension. next time, i promise a full out (temporary) ban for all who indicate they don't bother reading mod posts.

read the updates. the next person who dares pop this question, i keel her ded. you ain't helping with the whole "just curious" queries, you're just giving us some extra work because we have to answer an unnecessary e-mail when we have disputes and suspension lift emails to see to. save your energy. wait it out, or start working on your reading comprehension.

registrations wise, if you sent in your registration in this year (as in 2008), please hold on. registration mod's busy. regarding those who were promised posting access in 2007 but haven't gotten it, please reply to this thread and i'll consolidate the list for our overworked reg mod.

picture (note: singular, not plural) outside lj cut bigger than 320x320? more than one photo outside lj cut? forgetting your fb link? if we accidentally let it through, good for you, double check that all that you missed out is quickly fixed before we single out your post for the suspension list.

also, check that your post security is still friends only, and that your post was not accidentally set to some future date. otherwise, you will be slapped with a suspension too. don't tell me it's unfair since it's the mod's mistake or what have you. i don't think babysitting your posts was in the contract when they volunteered to be mods.

tl;dr: take some time to read up the mod posts (the relevant ones have been linked), don't do stupid things in your posts like flout the rules. and we're not gahmen, so don't make us spoonfeed you so much and take a little more responsibility for yourself.

thanks for reading. have a nice day.

MOD: posting on behalf of banned user
can someone please tell me what is the point of banning a dead seller when her friends are going to be posting things up on her behalf? how, exactly, is it going to help make this community a safer place to buy, sell and trade when these people we banned for a reason are going to weasel their way back into this community through your kind-hearted help?

please be reminded that all who post on the behalf of banned/suspended friends will face penalty themselves. and if these dead seller friends of yours go dead on their buyers, and people start lodging complaints with us, we will treat it as if you were the dead seller and ban you together with your good friend.

we have this system for a reason and people who try to sneak their way past it are not appreciated.

also, reminder about spam mail. please, we don't want your "updates" in our inboxes, especially when you can tell us that we are "not the intended recipient". you'll be banned, understand? kthxbai.

for your convenience, i'll come up with a list of banned users (and probably their offences) in due time. meanwhile, if your friend who previously had posting access suddenly asks you to post things on her behalf, we are not going to take ignorance as a reason for not suspending/banning you if you post for her, and especially when someone lodges a complaint with us.

updates from a tired mod
requesting for suspension/ban lift? waited forever? we're sorry, we're busy. you sending us an email a day asking why we never got back to you is not going to speed things up. we said this before, we say this again. please BE PATIENT! if you don't want such a hassle with suspension lifts, do try to keep yourself out of trouble in the first place.

repeat again: only a maximum of two mods are checking the mail and we both are tied down with work/school. patience, please. thanks.

as long as someone reports you for spam, you're blackmarked. spamming in sgst posts' comments are not allowed and offenders will be permanently banned. don't know what spam is? someone obviously have not been reading the sgst rules.

no sgstfb is not open yet. i'm still trying to figure out how to better the system. so STOP asking why the link to apply for pages is dead or what have you. seriously, just read the page and don't bug me unless you have a brilliant idea on how i can filter out thick skinned dead buyers/sellers who reincarnate their lj accounts and weasel their unwelcome asses back into this community. loud and clear? good.

we are trying our best to get the registration list up to speed. once again, patience. everyone's busy, even you.

we know that the sgst email seems dead and such, but please refrain from commenting on the mod's private journal, or im-ing them through the lj systems to try and cut the queue. that will earn you a 1 month ban from the community. don't say we never warned you. in short, any attempt to contact a mod through any channels/avenues deemed as personal by her will warrant a month's ban. rest assured your email will be addressed as soon as we possibly can.

unfortunately, the disputes in our inbox is kiv-ed for now. if you settled it already, please notify us via email if you previously sent your case in. otherwise, please give us (a lot of) time to get around to your case.

haiyoooooooo how many times did one of us cover the above issues? why why why am i doing this mod post?

tl;dr: mods busy. be patient. will try to settle your cases asap. kancheong kings/queens will be ignored or even banned. and you really should be reading the whole mod post instead of the summary.

have a good day. i'm going back to clearing the suspension requests.

happy holidays and gentle reminders
1. you're NOT supposed to bug mods at their personal journals

it has been enshrined in the rules, and that includes NOT sending them private messages on the livejournal notification system. i myself have received at least two messages from newcomers, and i will be ignoring them. the next time any of the mods receive sgst related enquiries through private channels, the offender will be banned.

if you don't bother to read mod posts or rules, don't bother about joining this community. nuff said.

2. registration status and emailing sgst

please don't bug us about the status of your registration as the registration mods really have their hands full trying to catch up with existing applications that can date months back. when it's done, she'll get back to you. if you waited more than 2 months, then send a nice short note to sgst.reg in enquiry. all kancheong queens can be prepared to wait even longer for posting access.

****sending your details to sgselltrade@gmail DOES NOT expedite your registration process. and please don't try registering if you haven't got your feedback link.

for emails, if you didn't get a delivery failed message from your postmaster/mailer-daemon, it means your mail is sitting in our inboxes. this season is a busy season for all of us and we are really sorry for all late replies.

USERNAMES!!! omg. we're not psychic so please include it in your email. don't email us "mods! i can't post!!!!! teh sky iz fallyin!" cos by the time we're able to get your username to check what was wrong, the sky would have fallen.

all emails/comments enquiring on the status of their application will be ignored.

on the behalf of the sgst team, we wish all members a merry christmas and a happy new year.

hi all

due to some recalcitrant users who insist on exploiting the loopholes in the rules even though they have been banned, i'm afraid i'll have to make changes to the feedback system.

sgstfeedback will be temporarily closed till my exams are over and when i have time to iron the new mode of registrations out. for all the newcomers, welcome to the community, and sorry to have to make you wait because a certain minority of people are thick skinned enough to try and come back even though they have been banned.

this is for an indefinite period of time because of the trickiness of the situation so emails asking when registrations will be allowed will be ignored. you are advised to not pester me about it. i was forced into such an extreme measure thanks to a few individuals.

all registrations to sgst.reg@gmail.com will be on hold.

thank you for your patience.

regarding sgstfeedback and email
while doing my once-in-a-blue-moon routine checks on fb pages, i saw a shocking number of stupids that nearly gave me a heart attack and destroyed what was a lovely day for me. therefore here are some (not so) gentle reminders from your (rather irate) neighbourhood moderator.

please note it's your responsibility to ensure that the feedback you received are in the proper formats and are from sgst-related transactions. if there are any irrelevant feedback found, please reply to the poster and ask her to delete it.

ignoring irrelevant feedback is not acceptable. including irrelevant feedback into your feedback count is worse.

WHAT IS IRRELEVANT FB? feedback that does not tell me any one of the following will be considered irrelevant:
a) where the transaction took place,
b) item sold/bought
c) feedback rating: positive/neutral/negative
any feedback from non sgst deals and/or members will also be considered irrelevant.

if i have to delete and/or reply to comments on your feedback page after your first warning, your feedback page will be disabled permanently and you will lose selling rights. do realise that you are not allowed to have more than one account.

the external linking rule applies to sgstfeedback. all feedback with external links will be deleted and the offenders will be banned from both communities. if you allow a feedback with external links to stay on your feedback page, your feedback page will be disabled.

only one "tally" comment will be tolerated on your feedback page. it's not fun to check a feedback page when every alternate comment is a tally count, to the extent i suspect you are incapable of adding up numbers. and if i have to delete irrelevant fb, your tally counts are not really correct anymore, ainnit?

if you want to put a new tally, please delete the previous one. thanks.

if i suspect you falsified feedback, your feedback page will be disabled. you and all suspected accomplices will also be banned from both communities. please do not abuse the system of trust that this community is based upon.

if you dealt with ori0n, please leave feedback for ori0n and not her "selling account", buyfromori0n. by rights, multiple accounts are not allowed in the first place. if you sealed a deal with your so-called buying account, you forfeit your rights to feedback under your registered feedback page.

right now, this rule is still based on trust. however, if you choose to ignore this and abuse it by asking people to leave feedback for account B under account A's feedback page, you'll get banned and i promise leaving feedback will be even more of a headache for everyone else.


we have to repeat this time and again because of some people. look, we. have. our. own. lives. don't yell at us or demand that we get something done for you pronto just because we are moderators. rude demanding comments on mod posts and in any of our emails/journals (be it the mods' personal inboxes/journals or the sgst email) will not be tolerated.

please remember to include your lj username in all correspondence with us because we do not own crystal balls, and i don't think any of us go to hogwarts to study divinity. including your lj username will help you get your answers quicker.

hope that clarifies stuff. and if you realise that your feedback page is in a big mess, now's a good time to start trying to fix it because i will be doing random checks.

all queries that have been answered in this post or any of the previous mod posts will be ignored. thanks.

Carnival For Charity!

The National Youth Council's Young Change Makers are organising a charity carnival in aid of Pertapis Children's Home. They've kindly opened up application to members of SGSellTrade.

Event: Forca '07
Venue: Bishan Park
Date: 11th November 2007
Time: 8am - 6pm

The rent rate is $120 per stall, tables and chairs provided.

Pertapis Children's Home (PCH) is a shelter for children who need care and protection. They may have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by their families. PCH also takes care of children who are beyond parental control and are in conflict with the Law. (Website HERE)

**Interested parties should contact Nuraini at graffitied@hotmail.com by 17 Oct. More information at their website HERE.

Hi all,

FYI Grace, crymeajustin is now in charge of registrations. School work has become too much for me to continue doing the registrations. Everything is a bit overwhelming and messy right now, so please be patient as we clear up the current registrations and do not leave anymore comments on the Registered Seller's post, I will ignore them. You will receive an email when your registration has been completed. Please do not bug us at our personal email addresses as well. Thank you. We appreciate your co-operation.


6 (e) Users are not to frivolously or vexatiously seek to exploit any loopholes in the SGST community guidelines. Please use your common sense at all times to interpret the rules in the spirit as they were intended. We are sick of rewriting the rules & restricting the entire community due to a minority of ugly abusive users.

because there are the precious few people who still think nothing about disregarding the rules, we have to make gentle reminders time and again.

please note:

2 (d) sgselltrade is a community for Singaporean Livejournal.com users only. Members are NOT allowed to promote any other site except runwaycity or your sales livejournals (via comments, HTML or photo watermarks). External promotion = 2 week suspension or permanent ban.

please note that all posts that requests members to "promote" a external site (e.g. posts asking for external services or "compiling an online shop directory") will be barred. if a post of such a nature gets through, the poster will be banned for one entire month, and all who responded to the post will face a 2 week ban.

this includes, but is not limited to:
  • posts requesting for external links to goods and services such as confectionery, tailoring and other services.

  • posts requesting for a listing of personal sales journals, which would include blogspot and external site addresses. do realise sgst is not a resource directory.

  • anything that would encourage sgst members to leave external links in their comments


in other news,

we would appreciate again if members who are requesting for something from the mods to exercise patience in their correspondence to sgselltrade@gmail.com. only one mod is clearing the inbox right now. if everyone who wants her access restored to the community sends two or three emails, you'll only confuse the mod who is clearing the emails.

we also do not appreciate thinly veiled sarcasm when we tell you not to send multiple emails requesting the same thing. do realise, again, that:

1. this is not our full time job.
2. we have other commitments besides sgst

put yourself in our shoes and ask yourself if you like people demanding that you put your life on hold just because they want you to do something.

and another thing. we are not psychic and we get cross-eyed from reading too many e-mails. it would be appreciated if you include your username somewhere glaringly obvious so that we do not have to play "where's wally" with your email. thank you.

once again, we would like to apologise for all late replies and we would like to ask your patience as we get around to your emails. we will try our best to reply all mails.

Amended Posting Limit
Hi everyone,

As you know, the current posting limit is 2 times within 24 hours. However, after we've opened registration for new members, we've literally added hundreds of new users to the community and the moderation queue is being filled up very quickly.

To reduce congestion, the new rule is now once every calendar day. This means that if you have posted at 11.59pm on Monday 1 January, you cannot post anything else at all on 1 January. You may post again on 12.01am on 2 January.

The 5 day rule still stands.

For newbies, this is what it means:

If you sell a donkey, a buffalo and a rhinoceros on 1 January at 9am, the next time you can post anything (even a looking post) is at 12.01am on 2 January. The next time you can post anything that contains a donkey, buffalo or rhinoceros is 6 January (at any time).

We hope that this will ease the flow of posts in the community and maximize the space on the main page so that everyone's posts will have greater visibility.

Please inform your fellow SGST users of this change. We understand not everyone keeps themselves up to date on mod posts.

Registration for New Sellers = OPEN
dark side of the moon
Hello everyone,

Registration for NEW sellers is now OPEN.

You should apply if you are a member of SGST with a feedback link and you wish to sell in SGST. When your registration is approved, you will have posting access in the community.

1. Send an email to sgst.reg@gmail.com.
2. The subject of the email should be "NEW Seller Registration".
3. Your email should contain:
# your LJ-user name & real name (as displayed in your I/C)

# your primary email address

# your home & mobile phone number

# your postal address

# your bank account number

# photo/scan of your I/C or student pass, both front and back. [Please blur/block picture, thumbprint, some digits of your I/C and barcode if you wish to ensure that document is not reused]

# printscreen/photocopy/scan/photo of your bank account number with your name and/or address on it from either the internet banking website or the monthly statement or bank book. [Please block out all other irrelevant information]

# your SGSTFeedBack link
4. Please note that we may ignore your email if it contains insufficient information!

1. Used to have posting access and are currently suspended, or
2. Do not have a feedback link, or
3. Have already sent in your registration before.

We will ignore any emails sent to madaboutsushi@gmail.com.

Read these mod posts and FAQs before asking questions:
1. FAQ
2. Registration Matters
3. New Registered Sellers List

If you email us or comment with a question that's already been answered, we will ignore your email.

This is to inform all the impatient people who emailed madaboutsushi@gmail.com to register as new registered sellers: I just checked the email and got a shock to so many registration requests. I have deleted all the emails. REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Please apply again when registration opens, and not to the aforementioned email. It is the previous mod, hapadoll's personal email. Please also ensure that you do have a sgstfeedback link so that you may apply when registration opens.


Registered Sellers
I'm not longer doing registrations, the new list is at http://community.livejournal.com/sgselltrade/23390891.html#cutid1

If you are not on this list, and prior to 15/8/07, you have previously submitted:
A. your original registration information and
B. the additional required information (i.e. identification and bank statement scan), and
C. you have received replies to both of these submissions,
but still do not see your name listed under the list, please wait at least 2-3 weeks before emailing sgst.reg@gmail.com to clarify. Posting access is not updated automatically, I have to do them manually. All these take time. I appreciate your patience.

Also, emails to any other sgselltrade emails will not be processed as I may not have access to other emails.

If you are on the list below (NEW), but cannot post on sgselltrade, please email sgselltrade@gmail.com to find out if you have been suspended for violating the rules first, only emailing sgst.reg@gmail.com if you did not receive a suspension.

If you used to be on the previous Registered Sellers List but no longer have posting access, and cannot find your name under the updated list below, please send in the additional information we require to sgst.reg@gmail.com so that I can reinstate your posting access:

# your LJ-user name & real name (as displayed in your I/C)
# your primary email address
# your home & mobile phone number
# your postal address
# your bank account number
# photo/scan of your I/C or student pass, plus the back of your I/C or official documents that have your address. [Please blur/block picture, thumbprint, some digits of your I/C and barcode if you wish to ensure that document is not reused]
# printscreen/photocopy/scan/photo of your bank account number with your name and/or address on it from either the internet banking website or the monthly statement or bank book. [Please block out all other irrelevant information]

Before emailing/commenting about the necessity of the above measures, please read THIS POST.

If you wish to be a registered seller, please read the Community Rules before emailing sgst.reg@gmail.com. I may ignore any emails that do not have the full information required to register (especially requests without sgstfeedback link), or merely direct you back to the community rules.

REGISTRATION (Changes have been made, please read)
Hello all,

Before you read any further, we are going through some manpower changes currently. All the mods have exams and we have no time to process registrations. Please be patient and wait till after December for all applications to be processed. I will not reply any comments individually. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Registration for new sellers is OPEN. Please submit new registration details (for new sellers) to sgst.reg@gmail.com. If you are a new seller, please refer to the community rules for the information to submit, and this post for additional information.

If you used to have posting access but no longer have it, please continue reading on:

In order to make sgselltrade a safer place, and in light of an influx of disputes, we would like all current registered sellers with less than 100 +ve feedback to submit to sgst.reg@gmail.com the following information:

# your LJ-user name & real name (as displayed in your I/C)
# your primary email address
# your home & mobile phone number
# your postal address
# your bank account number

And (this is new + additional information):

# photo/scan of your I/C or student pass, plus the back of your I/C or official documents that have your address. [Please blur/block picture, thumbprint, some digits of your I/C and barcode if you wish to ensure that document is not reused]

# printscreen/photocopy/scan/photo of your bank account number with your name and/or address on it from either the internet banking website or the monthly statement or bank book. Please block out all other irrelevant information

All current registered sellers with less than 100 +ve feedback, please to furnish us with the additional details we require. Posting access has been removed for any seller who has not submitted the required information. If you wish to regain posting access, just send in the additional required information and once we acknowledge it, we will reinstate your posting access.

Rest assured all information is kept confidential, we only wish to make sgselltrade a safer place for our members.

Also, we would like to encourage ALL buyers to opt for REGISTERED POSTAGE when making purchases to prevent the accumulating number of lost normal postage packages. I don't think any seller should decline sending items out via registered post, as it only secures your transaction.


Before posting a comment, or asking questions, please read the Q&A first:

Q: Why do only sellers with less than 100 fb have to submit their information? Sellers with >100 may be dishonest too.
A: That is true. However, we have more than 8,000 members, and only 1 person is processing everything. We would love to be able to verify everyone's details, but manpower shortage is something we cannot control. If you are experiencing a bad transaction with a >100 seller, please email us and we will look into it.

Q: I don't feel safe scanning my bank statement/bank book/IC. Are there alternatives?
A: Yes, you can send us any other document as long as it has your name, bank account number and postal address on it. You can censor all other information.

Q: I don't feel safe giving you my IC number. Is it really necessary?
A: If you are scanning your student pass/IC, you can block out some digits of your IC number.

Q: Is it safe to give you this information?
A: Yes, it is safe. Your name, address and account number are information you give to buyers/sellers on SGST anyway.

Q: What happens if I don't send you my information?
A: You can still browse SGST, post comments and make purchases. However you will not be able to post entries to the SGST community.

Q: I'm using my father/aunty/boyfriend's bank account and he/she doesn't want to give me the monthly statement/passbook. What should I do?
A: Give us the account number and let us know the situation.

Q: I don't have a scanner. Can I take a (digicam) photo of my documents?
A: Yes. You can also use a webcam or handphone camera as long as the information is clear enough.

Q: What is the reason for requiring my personal information?
A: In the past week alone there were 3 disputes with 3 different sellers, involving more than 10 people and not a small sum of money. Please understand our position as well: when there is fraud/disputes, we cannot sit back and do nothing as well, or members will be unhappy. We find that this is the best measure we can take to prevent problems, and if you have better suggestions on keeping SGST safe, we would love to hear your suggestion. Initially, SGST used to be based a lot more on trust, but with more than 8000 members now, we just want to tighten security and kick out all fraudulent sellers before more trouble is created.

Q: How will this make SGST safer?
A: When we have members' personal particulars, we are able to verify them via a number of methods. If a member is involved in a fraud case or dispute, we are able to help the victim(s) by releasing that member's particulars. In this way, the victim(s) can use the information to make a police report and so on. The more users submit their information, the safer SGST will be.

Q: What will happen to the information that I send you?
A: We will delete the new additional information that is being sent in to us, so that we can double-check identities with the current information we have. We keep the first part of the information sent, as usual.

Q: How will I know that you have received my registration?
A: You will receive an acknowledgment email when your registration has been processed.

Q: When will I have posting access?
A: After receiving the acknowledgment email, please wait at least 1-2 weeks. Then check the Registered Sellers List. You should have posting access when your nick is up.

Q: My friend and I share the same SGST username. Do we both have to send our particulars?
A: Yes, that would be preferable.

Q: What happens to registration for feedback pages?
A: Feedback registration is required for every registration.

Q: I have already sent in my registration a few weeks ago. Will it be processed?
A: Yes, if you have already submitted your information, please only send us the new and additional documents. Your registration will be processed as usual. Please email us to enquire only after all applications are finalized but you still do not see your name, nor have you received any emails from me before this.

Q: Can I meet up with you to show you my documents instead of sending them via email?
A: I'm in Kuala Lumpur now; if you would like to have tea with me just send me an email.

Q: Which email address do I send my information to?
A: Please send it to sgst.reg@gmail.com.

Q: I checked my username against the registered sellers and it wasn't there.
A: Please send us an email if you have waited sufficiently long (1-3 weeks); we're human and we may make mistakes, so I apologize ahead!

sgstfeedback stuff

if someone left you feedback that you feel is unjustified, please raise it with the other person and/or the sgst mods (sgselltrade@gmail.com) via email. do NOT reply to the negative feedback and start this whole debate/argument on your feedback page - unnecessary and not appreciated.


all members are to note that they are supposed to be responsible for their own feedback pages. if there are any irrelevant comments or invalid feedback left, please reply to the feedback and ask the person to delete and (if necessary) repost.

if you find that other people have been going around leaving irrelevant comments (not feedback, just comments) on your page, please notify the mods for us to clear all irrelevant comments. if i remember you from deleting too many of your comments, you're automatically banned from sgstfeedback. no appeals will be heard.

KEEPING COUNT OF FB: if you wish to post a comment to keep count of your feedback, please delete all previous "count" comments. this means only one "feedback count" comment is permitted on your feedback page. this is to facilitate feedback counting when i check the pages. thank you.


even if you're freaking pissed at the person for wasting your time, please remember to post all negative feedback in the correct format. all negative feedback in the wrong formats will be deleted.

Update in Community Rules
Just a heads up for those who have not checked the community rules lately, we've updated with a new rule following massive abuse of the unlimited posting system, so here's the new one:

2. Governing conditions of a post.

(a) Everyone is allowed a maximum of TWO posts every 24 hours.

"Every 24 hours" here refers to calender day, i.e. you can post 2 posts on 13/5 and 2 posts on 14/5 and so on. Hope that clears up any confusion.

Have a great week ahead and Happy Mother's Day to those who are mothers! :)

1. Can I have the lj username of xxxxxx@xxxmail.com?
Before entering into a transaction on sgselltrade, ALWAYS ask for their LJ username. If they deal via email and refuse to let you know their LJ usernames, then don't deal with them.

2. Why doesn't this dead buyer xxxxxx have a feedback link?
Please note that not all buyers are required to have a feedback page as sgselltrade is an open community. This means that ANYONE can create a livejournal username and join. Even the ones that have been banned before (shame, shame). All sellers will have feedback links. No feedback link = no posting access.

3. How do I avoid dead buyers?
How do you avoid head lice when travelling? Check your bed carefully before you lie in it. Check your buyer's feedback rating HERE. When arranging for meet-ups, always ask for 50% deposit via ATM or ibanking first.

4. Is sgstfeedback just for decoration?
No, it is an extensive database (put together by mods and members alike) for YOU to check up on your potential buyers/sellers first. It is YOUR responsibility to check for YOUR potential buyers'/sellers' ratings before engaging in any transactions.

BANNEDCollapse )

sigh. some people like making us sound like your nagging mothers or something...

yes, we allow for a change in username at an adminstrative fee of $20. why? because the registration mod and i have to juggle work and sgst. the moment i sit down to do sgstfb, another 2 hours of my life flies by. the last thing we need is fickle minded people telling us that they prefer another account here because (insert reason here). if you're willing to pay, we'll help you. otherwise, live with your decision.

please note that multiple accounts are not allowed on sgst. if you're found to have more than one selling account on sgst, all your accounts will be banned.

all new users also must take note that this period is an insanely busy period for me so please don't test my patience and memory skills. i am really sorry if you had to wait 2 weeks for your feedback page (highly impossible, but probable as my exams draw near) and the last thing you want to do is get yourself banned before you even start selling here. okokokok?

i think the mod in charge is very busy now so please be patient. don't bombard us!

just because you signed up for a mailing list and people send you updates doesn't mean you can send unsolicited mail. please remember, if people didn't ask for your updates and/or have to scroll long long to see what you want to tell them, it will be considered spam.

first time offenders get a one month ban. if we catch you the second time, be prepared to kiss your sgst membership goodbye. don't say we didn't warn you.

if you received spam and you suspect that your e-mail address was harvested from sgst, please forward it to sgselltrade@gmail.com.

expect to see a repeat of this post a few months later because nobody seems to read mod posts. sigh. all questions that i think i have answered in this post will be customarily ignored by me.

Happy April Fool's!
room 56
SGST and all its affiliated communities are online again. Sorry if we gave you a fright. Please remember to abide by the sgst community rules. Happy buying, selling and trading.

The Mods.

P.S: See you at the FLEE! Market on 7 April!

FLEE Market #7

LOCATION: GASHAUS, 114 Middle Road
DATE/TIME: 12-7pm, 24 March 2007
ENQUIRIES: iheartflea@gmail.com

♥FLEE!♥Collapse )

If I have missed taking your photo, please email me your pics or details and I will amend this post. :)

Poll: Renaming & rebranding the SGST FLEE! Market
Hi everyone, thank you for your submissions.

Do note that we will not be polling any of the variations of sgstflea or sgstflea that some of you might have suggested, as we had already discounted that idea (for the same reason that runwaycity was not named sgststyle -- boring lah.)

Here are the shortlisted top 11 submissions. The poll will be closed on Monday 26 March 2007 at 11.59pm. So please vote now!

Poll #952432 Flea Market Name

Pick a name for the flea market that appeals to you the most:

Craft & Thrift | http://craftandthrift.livejournal.com
Craft vs. Flea | http://craftvsflea.livejournal.com
DIY Nation | http://diynation.livejournal.com
Flealicity | http://flealicity.livejournal.com
Flealicious | http://flealicious.livejournal.com
Fleadom | http://fleadom.livejournal.com
I ♥ Flea | http://iheartflea.livejournal.com
Indie Nation | http://indienation.livejournal.com
Junk Pirates | http://junkpirates.livejournal.com
Indie Market | http://indiemarket.livejournal.com
Thrift + Flea | http://thriflea.livejournal.com
None of the above; I will suggest my own below.

If none of these names appeal to you, please suggest an alternative:

Name our Flea Market Competition!

Think of a new name for the SGSELLTRADE Flea Market. We will be starting a new community for flea updates and bookings, for easy access & transparency, so your suggestion needs to be available as a livejournal nick.

A shortlist of your suggestions will be polled this weekend, and the winning entry gets a FREE flea market stall at April's SGSELLTRADE Flea Market!

All comments will be screened.

FLEE! #8 @ 7 APR 2007
dark side of the moon


Date: Saturday, 7 Apr 2007
Time: 12-6pm
Location: Gashaus, 114 Middle Road

To join our mailing list, please email sgselltradeflee@gmail.com.


gentle reminder
please remember to include your lj username in all correspondence with sgselltrade@gmail.com. the last time i checked, we have nearly 5000 members and the mods do not have psychic or telepathic powers.

if you want your suspensions quickly lifted, or whatever admin for sgst quickly done, the least you can do is:

a) give us your lj username
b) state your business
c) include relevant links (if any)

easy enough? thank you.

Mod Post: Reposting

If you want to repost, please make sure that the full 5 days have passed.

If you're sick of seeing the same old shit, please report offenders to sgselltrade@gmail.com and we will start deleting posts & suspending the guilty.

♥ Joo

change of usernames
for some reason, everyone decides that the mods have let loose on the lj name changes. there is a sudden influx of people telling us they took the initiative to apply for a new feedback link and asking us: "oh by the way, what do we do now???"

everyone forgot how the feedback mod bitches after awhile eh?

anyway, we hear you. and we have good news.

if you want to change your sgstfeedback link and your lj account on sgselltrade, for whatever reason, you may now do so for a fee of $20.


email BOTH madaboutsushi@gmail.com AND sgselltrade@gmail.com (it will not be counted if you just email to one) with the following information:

subject line: change of lj username

1. full name
2. your email (the one that's in the sgst database)
3. your feedback link(s)

we'll then get back to you on what you have to do.

please note that with every change of lj usernames on the sgst record/sgstfb link, you are required to RESTART your feedback count. your old feedback page will be deleted.

if you have accumulated any feedback on your new feedback link, it will also be cleared with effect from the day your new user is successfully changed. so it is highly advised that you don't apply for the new link until the mods have approved of it.

this is only allowed if you have NO negative/neutral feedback on your record. if you have any negative/neutral feedback, you'll have to stick to the username you've gotten bored of.

we only accept ibanking as a payment mode. the $20 charge for the change in usernames is non-refundable. people who ask if we accept concealed cash will be knocked on the head.

we reserve the right to reject any requests for name changes.

this will be put on for a trial period and can be revoked at any time.

FLEE! #7 @ 24 Mar 2007


Date: Saturday, 24 Mar 2007
Time: 12-6pm
Location: Gashaus, 114 Middle Road

To join our mailing list, please email sgselltradeflee@gmail.com.


We noticed that since we removed the 'one-post-every-24-hours' rule, some of you have been submitting multiple posts daily. This chokes up the mod queue and causes everybody else's posts to move down the page way too quickly. Everybody loses in the end. Please avoid abusing this; otherwise we may consider reinstating the 24-hour rule.

Also, since many of you are new to this community, please take time to read the community rules here: http://community.livejournal.com/sgselltrade/profile. Please check that 5 days have passed before posting the same item again; otherwise, it is considered a repost and you will be suspended for two weeks.

Have a good time spending your angpow money on sgselltrade.


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If you find any articles, please comment below :)

LOCATION: GASHAUS, 114 Middle Road
DATE: December 23, 2006
ENQUIRIES: sgselltradeflee@gmail.com

people seem to disappear whenever i come around with the camera. either that or i'm really lousy at capturing the moments.

anyway, hello everybody!

we wanna wish you a merry christmasCollapse )

repeat repeat

if you've got one registered under sgselltrade, use it.

the next time i find out about someone trying to register for a fb page when they already have one account in sgst, the two (or more) accounts will be immediately banned.

oops. i think i said this like.. a thousand times already? please take heed lah. we all want to be happy people here you know.

i have no patience for such nonsense, especially when i've been nagging and nagging people about this since forever. =(

X'MAS SPECIAL FLEE! MARKET - Dec 23 (This Saturday!)

LOCATION: GASHAUS, 114 Middle Road
DATE/TIME: 12-7pm, December 23, 2006
ENQUIRIES: sgselltradeflee@gmail.com

Preview this Saturday's FLEE Market!Collapse )

MOD POST: Public Entries + Suspensions
Hello everyone,

The minimum security for all entries posted to sgselltrade has been set to Friends-Only, so if a member accidentally posted a public entry, it would still update as Friends-Only. We have tested this out extensively months ago before implementing it. The only way in which your entry would appear as public would be if you were to redit the entry AFTER it had been approved by a moderator, to reset it to public.

Please read your Community Rules before posting. We would like to direct your attention to:
1(f) Entries have been set to friends/members-only. Editing your post to break this rule = 2 week suspension


5(b) If you have been suspended temporarily, please email us at sgselltrade@gmail.com on the day your suspension ends, with your lj username to confirm that you wish to return to the community. Suspensions are not lifted automatically!

Thank you,

LOCATION: GASHAUS, 114 Middle Road
DATE/TIME: 12-6pm, December 16, 2006
ENQUIRIES: sgselltradeflee@gmail.com



PREVIEW!Collapse )


12-7pm, SAT, 23 DEC @ GASHAUS

What's better than the monthly SGSELLTRADE FLEE! Market? TWO FLEE! Markets to make up for November's exams, right in the heart of festive December!

FLEE! #5 will be held at Gashaus (114 Middle Road, #01-00) on 23rd DECEMBER (Saturday) from 12 noon to 7pm. That's 2 days before Christmas, shopping season peak, with extended closing hours 'til 7pm! And since it's Christmas, YOU decide what you want to pay for your own stall. That's right, no more complicated bidding online, watching bids rise fall and close. Just email us your bids directly!

Check out our September and October FLEE! Market Photos! SGST members will enjoy priority in booking stalls. Members in FLEE! #4 (Dec 16th) will enjoy a 10% stall bid discount. To join our mailing list, please email sgselltradeflee@gmail.com.



12-6pm DEC 16 @ GASHAUS

SGSellTrade is back with our FLEE! Market at our favorite chill out place, the very indie, very punk rock GasHaus (114 Middle Road, #01-00) on 16 DECEMBER (Saturday) from 12 noon to 6pm. It's located immediately opposite the old NAFA (Middle Road) campus, diagonally across from the National Library and Bugis Junction. SGST members will enjoy priority in booking stalls.

Check out our September and October FLEE! Market Photos!

To join our mailing list for all our flea markets, please email sgselltradeflee@gmail.com.