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updates from a tired mod
yamada x nomiya
ori0n wrote in sgselltrade
requesting for suspension/ban lift? waited forever? we're sorry, we're busy. you sending us an email a day asking why we never got back to you is not going to speed things up. we said this before, we say this again. please BE PATIENT! if you don't want such a hassle with suspension lifts, do try to keep yourself out of trouble in the first place.

repeat again: only a maximum of two mods are checking the mail and we both are tied down with work/school. patience, please. thanks.

as long as someone reports you for spam, you're blackmarked. spamming in sgst posts' comments are not allowed and offenders will be permanently banned. don't know what spam is? someone obviously have not been reading the sgst rules.

no sgstfb is not open yet. i'm still trying to figure out how to better the system. so STOP asking why the link to apply for pages is dead or what have you. seriously, just read the page and don't bug me unless you have a brilliant idea on how i can filter out thick skinned dead buyers/sellers who reincarnate their lj accounts and weasel their unwelcome asses back into this community. loud and clear? good.

we are trying our best to get the registration list up to speed. once again, patience. everyone's busy, even you.

we know that the sgst email seems dead and such, but please refrain from commenting on the mod's private journal, or im-ing them through the lj systems to try and cut the queue. that will earn you a 1 month ban from the community. don't say we never warned you. in short, any attempt to contact a mod through any channels/avenues deemed as personal by her will warrant a month's ban. rest assured your email will be addressed as soon as we possibly can.

unfortunately, the disputes in our inbox is kiv-ed for now. if you settled it already, please notify us via email if you previously sent your case in. otherwise, please give us (a lot of) time to get around to your case.

haiyoooooooo how many times did one of us cover the above issues? why why why am i doing this mod post?

tl;dr: mods busy. be patient. will try to settle your cases asap. kancheong kings/queens will be ignored or even banned. and you really should be reading the whole mod post instead of the summary.

have a good day. i'm going back to clearing the suspension requests.

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regarding the sgst feedback thingy. how bout allowing NEW sellers only if they have someone with a relatively high amt of fb (say +50 and above) to support their application?

just a suggestion. and keep up the work yeah. it must be tough :)

i was contemplating that just last night. but it will have to remain closed for now as the registration mod is still trying to cope with the backlog of registrations (people waiting for 3 months already!!!) so i guess i can finetune this idea and see if it works.

thanks anyway.

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