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MOD: posting on behalf of banned user
yamada x nomiya
ori0n wrote in sgselltrade
can someone please tell me what is the point of banning a dead seller when her friends are going to be posting things up on her behalf? how, exactly, is it going to help make this community a safer place to buy, sell and trade when these people we banned for a reason are going to weasel their way back into this community through your kind-hearted help?

please be reminded that all who post on the behalf of banned/suspended friends will face penalty themselves. and if these dead seller friends of yours go dead on their buyers, and people start lodging complaints with us, we will treat it as if you were the dead seller and ban you together with your good friend.

we have this system for a reason and people who try to sneak their way past it are not appreciated.

also, reminder about spam mail. please, we don't want your "updates" in our inboxes, especially when you can tell us that we are "not the intended recipient". you'll be banned, understand? kthxbai.

for your convenience, i'll come up with a list of banned users (and probably their offences) in due time. meanwhile, if your friend who previously had posting access suddenly asks you to post things on her behalf, we are not going to take ignorance as a reason for not suspending/banning you if you post for her, and especially when someone lodges a complaint with us.

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thanks for making this a safer place for us all ♥

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