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gentle reminders
yamada x nomiya
ori0n wrote in sgselltrade
consider yourself lucky if we didnt smack you with a suspension. next time, i promise a full out (temporary) ban for all who indicate they don't bother reading mod posts.

read the updates. the next person who dares pop this question, i keel her ded. you ain't helping with the whole "just curious" queries, you're just giving us some extra work because we have to answer an unnecessary e-mail when we have disputes and suspension lift emails to see to. save your energy. wait it out, or start working on your reading comprehension.

registrations wise, if you sent in your registration in this year (as in 2008), please hold on. registration mod's busy. regarding those who were promised posting access in 2007 but haven't gotten it, please reply to this thread and i'll consolidate the list for our overworked reg mod.

picture (note: singular, not plural) outside lj cut bigger than 320x320? more than one photo outside lj cut? forgetting your fb link? if we accidentally let it through, good for you, double check that all that you missed out is quickly fixed before we single out your post for the suspension list.

also, check that your post security is still friends only, and that your post was not accidentally set to some future date. otherwise, you will be slapped with a suspension too. don't tell me it's unfair since it's the mod's mistake or what have you. i don't think babysitting your posts was in the contract when they volunteered to be mods.

tl;dr: take some time to read up the mod posts (the relevant ones have been linked), don't do stupid things in your posts like flout the rules. and we're not gahmen, so don't make us spoonfeed you so much and take a little more responsibility for yourself.

thanks for reading. have a nice day.

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Hi, I really think you should email these confidential details to us instead.

oops.sorry i didnt realise i have revealed my numbers.
thank you:D

post deleted. that was very dangerous, leaving your details all around for everyone on the internet to see.

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